About FVTU

Flathead Valley Trout Unlimited is a member-driven organization of over 300 local residents interested in local fisheries, habitat and conservation issues. Our mission is to conserve, protect and restore coldwater fisheries throughout Northwest Montana.

In our part of the Treasure State we have over 3,000 miles of streams. Our area contains 3/4 of all the fishable waters in the state. We are located at the head of Flathead Lake, a 125,000 acre gem that is the largest natural body of water west of the Great Lakes. Our streams and lakes contain populations of many native fish species as well as many legally and illegally introduced species.

We work with many other like-minded organizations in the U.S. and with our neighbors in Canada, with whom we share many of our waters to insure that we will continue to have quality fisheries, water and habitat for future generations.


One thought on “About FVTU

  1. The problem here is that it will take an extended time period to reach a quasi steady state on all the species involved, if you stock adult Cisco in large numbers over Lake Trout spawning beds during and after the end of Lake Trout spawning periods on a yearly basis. But, if Cisco becomes established, the population of lake trout coming from each spawning period will start to decrease and the Lake Trout take of Bull and Cutthroat trout will decrease because another food source, in the form of all ages of Cisco, exists and because Cisco is an effective consumer of Lt young over LT spawning grounds. Proof that this aquatic approach to LT control can be effective lies in the fact that the populations of Bull and Cutthroat trout remain unaffected,,if Cisco have been previously established.. However,the time needed for significant results will not be short.

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